On The Subject Of Me

My Story (ish)

What type of introduction will captivate my target audience, the average mid to late 20-30-40 year-old-woman, and leave her wanting more? So much more that she keeps coming back to read every word. So much more that she shares with her friends. So much more to ignite dialogue and inspire opinions of her own. Pardon my language, but the only way to accomplish all of that in one intro is with the freaking truth. ​

Truth is, I am no expert in anything. I am not a world traveler with a booming sense of culture or international affairs. I don’t work in fashion or any “industry” like people in Hollywood would call it. You aren’t going to find an amazing Stepford wife (behind the screen) who can recite vegan-free, gluten-free anything whilst changing a babies diaper and serving a culinary dream dinner for my husband. And I am definitely NOT the ideal bachelorette who rages every night with a steady list of men in current rotation. ​

So, who am I? Why should you read or care about what I have to say? I am or was, at some point in my life, or even in my imagination, EVERY one of the women listed above (the great Chaka Khan said so).​

Me, a life-long learner who is curious and full of questions, a rebel against the status quo, my very own personal stylist and “fashionista”, a girl who finds amusement in all things ridiculous and by ridiculous I mean foolish and nonsensical, the creator of two incredible mini humans, obsessive about rainbow colors and sparkles, indoorsy, I choose to be optimistic through life’s blatant objections, and an amateur storyteller. I can be whatever I want to be, whenever I want to be it, and nobody can stop me. Although, YOU can join me on my new adventure. I’m seeking fearless souls who want to own their lives and unsettle. Live the life you crave in any given chapter. Who’s stopping you? ​

Grandmas, mamas, young mamas, single mamas, friends of mamas, and damas (dads who mom), free thinkers, and those in need of nourishing conversation — Welcome! Mysydneyjames is truly my passion, gaining more and more traction each day. I hope you enjoy browsing through my site. Take a look around; perhaps you’ll discover what fuels you!