Versed, can you save my desert skin? Cocokind, will you live up to the hype?

PERSONAL SKIN CONCERNS: Sooo long story short short, winter hit and every ounce of moisture in my skin’s water well was sucked completely dry. Every attempt to replenish it was an absolute fail…which lead me on the search for a savior product that could provide a swift resurrection. I don’t usually buy an overabundance of products from the same brand, but the price-point brought my guard down (alllll the way down); I just kept adding to my cart. And here we are, six products later, sharing what happened next.

SKIN IN A NUTSHELL: #sothirsty

FRESH ON THE SCENE: A new class of luxurious + affordable + clean skincare has finally arrived to save my thirsty winter skin. To be expected, I am not spellbound with every product. Here are my loves, so so’s, and wouldn’t-buy-again. Also note that I waited 2-3 weeks before formulating my final opinions. 


  1. Versed: “Photos, Please” mask
  2. Versed: “Rich Moisture” moisturizer cream
  3. Versed: “Zero-G” eye cream
  4. Cocokind: “Oil to Milk” cleanser (MVP)


  1. Versed: “Day Maker” exfoliator
  2. Versed: clarifying serum


  1. Versed: “Baby Cheeks” hydrating milk 

*Drop your MVP winter skincare products in the comments. My skin thanks you in advance!

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