Meet Reignbeau & Co. (my newest baby)

I finally did a huge, scary, overwhelming, intimidating, and fulfilling thing (for myself)! A thing that has been stored and trapped in my imagination and daydreams for days, weeks, months, and years. BUT this year, 2022, and this month, November, I bet on myself. I’ve always loved fashion, styling, and watching trends evolve and return, but the moment I started styling my mini-mes, my love reached higher elevations of joy. So, here we are!

Naturally, being my own boss and investing in myself means determining that I am worth my own time and money for self-improvement. Starting a baby and children’s clothing boutique felt like a starting point that I could manage long-term and a way to get my feet wet with entrepreneurship.

As women, mothers, sisters, daughters, and friends, we must be our own biggest fan and cheerleader. Who would you rather take a risk on—you or would you prefer that other people decided your fate? Although a woman is strong on her own, collectively we have influence. Lifting each other up and collaborating with one another is how we disprove the notion that women compete with one another. There is power in the pack and our strengths make the group that much stronger.

Thanks in advance for supporting

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